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Usually, conditions on immigration status are in place when an individual has married a U.S. citizen. By marrying a U.S. citizen, a foreign national is eligible to apply for an adjustment of status allowing him or her to achieve permanent resident status in the United States. Until the marriage is longer than two years in length, however, there are certain conditions placed on the permanent resident status. You and your spouse must first prove that your marriage is legitimate and was not fabricated for the purpose of obtaining legal residency rights for one of you.

Searching for An Attorney for Removing Conditions on Your Permanent Residence?

USCIS takes strong measures to ensure that immigration fraud is not committed. One of these measures is to require a two-year waiting period prior to removing certain conditions from your status. After these first two years following your marriage have passed, you may file a petition to remove conditions on residence, which is Form I-751. If you meet eligibility requirements, it should be a fairly easy process to have the conditions withdrawn. You will most likely meet the necessary requirements if you:

  • Are still married to the same U.S. resident

  • Will undergo extreme suffering if your residency is denied

  • You are a child but cannot participate in your parents’ application for a valid reason

  • You entered the marriage in good faith, but have since become widowed, divorced, or separated due to abuse

Seeking to Remove Conditions
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Steps to Removing Conditions from Your Residency Status

When the second anniversary of your conditional residency status is approaching, obtain a Form I-751 and begin filling it out with your spouse. This second-anniversary date is also the expiration date on your green card. It is strongly recommended that you file this form during the 90 days prior to that date. Remember, if you do not file this form by the expiration date on your green card, you could face deportation. Be sure to get legal counsel from a Boston immigration attorney who can help you file all the necessary paperwork and avoid missing any important deadlines.

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