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The Foley Law Advantage

Attempting to obtain a visa or green card? With more than 30 years of experience in immigration law, we understand exactly what you are going through as you learn about this process. Foley Law Offices was founded in 1991 by John Philip Foley in an effort to serve men and women just like you who are seeking to obtain legal residency or citizenship in the United States of America. Since that time, our firm has helped countless individuals achieve their dream of living and working in this country.

As your attorney, we will do our utmost to eliminate all potential surprises you might experience by explaining every point of the process in the utmost detail, including:

  • What to wear

  • What to bring with you

  • Who should attend the meeting with you

  • What it will be like to go through security

  • What the interview room will look like

  • Details about the swearing-in process held before you testify

  • What questions will most likely be asked by the investigating officer

From day one, our attorneys prepare our clients for the interview by looking them in the eye and asking basic questions about their situation. Over the years, we have developed the ability to determine when a potential client is not telling the truth or if there is more to their answers than they are telling me. If you can’t get past us, there is no way you are going to get past an immigration officer who is trained to detect fraud and issues of concern. Our attorneys will work with you to avoid any potential problems in your case and to identify and address any factors that could become an issue with immigration officials.

We’ll Be with You Every Step of The Way.

At Foley Law Offices, you will receive hands-on professional service guiding you through every phase of the immigration process. Whether you are seeking a business visa – such as a medical employee visa or international trade visacitizenship, naturalization, an immigrant investor visa, or any other form of legal residency, we are prepared to stand by your side and help you every step of the way. Our firm is dedicated to effective communication with each client. We will make sure that you are informed throughout every phase of the legal process so that you never feel anxious, confused, or in the dark.

Together, We Can Seek to Solve Your Immigration Problem.

Our attorneys will accompany you every time you need to go to the USCIS immigration office and are available to meet with you on weekends or evenings so you don’t have to miss work. You can rely on Foley Law Offices to smooth the way for you. Our firm is small enough to provide you with the personalized attention you need and deserve, but we deliver the effective results and vast resources of a much larger firm.

Call Foley Law Offices or send an email to attorney@foleylawoffices.com for a case analysis.

If you are prepared to get started on your case, contact us to schedule an appointment at our Boston office. Let us help you achieve your goals and realize your own American dream.