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Marriage/Fiancé Immigration Attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

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When a foreign national marries a U.S. citizen, they become a family member of that citizen. This relationship means they may be eligible for permanent residency in the United States. First, however, the couple must prove that a number of requirements have been met. For example, if the marriage occurred overseas, both spouses must be able to demonstrate that the marriage was legal – that all prior divorces were finalized and the relationship was recognized in the country where the marriage was performed. There are certain types of marriages that are not considered valid under U.S. immigration policy, including:

  • Common-law marriage

  • Polygamous marriage

  • Incestuous marriage

  • Marriage by proxy

Preparing You for A U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Interview

Additionally, the couple must be able to demonstrate that their relationship is not a “sham marriage” designed only to obtain legal residency for the non-immigrant spouse. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will go to great lengths to ascertain whether or not a marriage is legitimate. If USCIS suspects a couple of a sham marriage, they have the right to investigate and interview both spouses. They may visit the couple’s home or question their neighbors. They may also interview the couple, asking questions that help determine the depth of their relationship.

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Need a lawyer for a marriage adjustment case in Boston? If you or your spouse is a foreign national seeking U.S. immigrant status, it is important that you are ready to demonstrate to an interviewing attorney that your marriage is not fraudulent. At our firm, an experienced Boston immigration lawyer can help you face an immigration officer with the documentation you need to prove the validity of your marriage and prepare you for a USCIS interview.

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