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Supported and Prepared Every Step of The Way

We felt supported and prepared for each step of the way from beginning to end. I appreciate John’s timeliness and professionalism when responding to any of our concerns or questions along the way; as well as his clarity when explaining each part of the process. We felt informed and prepared for anything that came our way, and when we ever had a doubt, you were so quick to respond. We have shared the office’s name many times and hope that other people in our situation will be reaching out for your support as well. We are so grateful.

I wanted to send along an article written in the Brookline Patch about David’s swearing in ceremony along with some pictures from the day.

-David Luengas Guayda and Caitlyn McHugh

Attorney Foley Made Our Dream a Reality

Attorney Foley helped make our dream of being together a reality. My husband and I are from different corners of the world. We met, fell in love and wanted to live together in the United States. Dealing with the U.S. Immigration service was difficult. There were forms and attachments and requests for all types of different documents. I don’t know how anyone deals with the U.S. Immigration service on their own. It was a nightmare. Attorney Foley did it all for us. He handled the forms, told us what documents we needed to provide and then he dealt directly with the U.S. Consulate in Morocco. My husband’s immigration visa was approved and he was allowed to enter to U.S. where we are building a life together. Along the way there were lots of questions, a number of delays and a handful of tear-filled phone calls. Throughout it all, Attorney Foley provided answers, guidance and good advice. My family is together in the United States in large part because of Attorney Foley. Attorney Foley helped my family and he can and will help yours. If you need help with an immigration issue, I strongly recommend that you call Attorney Foley. As his website says, he’ll be with you every step of the way!

-Kathy & Bouazza Belabed

I Strongly Urge You to Have Attorney Foley at Your Side

Marie Pascal smiling and holding yellow paper in MassachusettsAttorney Foley helped me get my U.S. citizenship. He took care of all of the paperwork and filed the form with the Immigration Service. Then he met with me a couple of days before the interview and explained the process and answered all of my questions. Most importantly, Attorney Foley was with me on the day of the interview. He knew the Immigration Officer who conducted the interview and it went exactly as he said it would. If you have any trouble dealing with the U.S. Immigration Service, I strongly urge you to have Attorney Foley at your side.

-Marie Pascal

Support and Care for Individual Cases

We researched online for good lawyers who can help us evaluate our status and recommend next steps. Our main concern was not to jeopardize our current status and future visa in the US. After calling several big law firms, we couldn’t get anywhere and didn’t get much traction and the consultation fees were too high. Luckily, I came across Foley Law Office and when I called the number provided, Nicole Fink answered my call and was able to engage us instantaneously, got a grip on our case with all the details needed to guide us. We set up an appointment next day and worked through the necessary steps and documentation. John Foley and Nicole Fink handled our case professionally and suggested the right path for the long-term benefit. They helped us prepare for a TN visa and also stayed in touch with us throughout the process which is very important especially in uncertain situations like ours. Their support and care for individual cases is outstanding. I highly recommend Nicole Fink and John Foley.

-Name withheld by request

Patient Answering Every Concern

Attorney John Foley helped me get my U.S. citizenship. His help through the whole process was more helpful than at the interview itself. He was always available no matter what question I had. Even if the question (now in retrospect) sounded silly, he was patient answering every concern I had. He made jokes and made light of the situation so that this whole daunting process didn’t feel as scary to me. I don’t know if the interview would have felt different if my English was limited, but he just made the whole process so easy I wasn’t nervous going to the interview. That in turn boosted my confidence. Most of all I think his presence via phone or email whenever I had a question or needed consultation was the most beneficial thing which I would recommend to everybody. He was never unavailable. I had a great experience and I would strongly recommend him.

-Sadikshya Nepal

He Cares About His Clients

Ciaran Nagle in a suit and Tara Novak in a white dress smiling for a photoAs international entertainers, we travel in and out of the U.S. a great deal. Our foreign travel complicated our immigration case. But John was there to smooth over every step and to answer all of our many questions. John went to the interview with us and we could tell by the way he was treated by the immigration officer that he is highly regarded. A week after our interview, the Green card arrived in the mail. If you’re going through the immigration process, we strongly recommend that you call John. He cares about his clients; he’ll provide personal attention to your case and he gets it done.

-Ciaran Nagle & Tara Novak

Strongly Recommend

Joey Regan posing with american flag and certificate in Maynard, MAI can’t believe it but I am now a US citizen. I am able to travel back and forth to Ireland for the rest of my life without worrying about my immigration status in either country and I can vote in the upcoming US election. Attorney John Foley handled my case. He was with me throughout the entire process, explaining each step in detail and calming my nerves. He took care of all of the forms, he advised me as to what paperwork I needed to gather and then he went to the interview in Lawrence, MA with me. The immigration officers knew John personally and you could tell he had a very good relationship with them. At my citizenship interview, it felt like the immigration officer was more interested in talking with John than with me. The officer approved my case right on the spot! The relief and joy I felt knowing the process was over are indescribable. Dealing with your immigration situation can be frustrating and stressful. Don’t try to do it on your own. I strongly recommend that you call John. He’ll be with you every step of the way.

-Joey Regan

I No Longer Live Looking Over My Shoulder

Two years ago, I was where you are right now. I was on the Internet looking for an immigration lawyer. I read these same testimonials and I called Attorney Foley. Unlike the other lawyers, he spoke with me on the telephone. He then told me what I needed to do to get legal and to adjust my immigration status. When I went into USCIS, I was scared to death but Attorney Foley was with me. I’m legal now; I have a Social Security number and a Massachusetts driver’s license. I no longer live looking over my shoulder waiting for Immigration to knock on my door. Do what I did — make a phone call and get some help.


I Recommend Attorney Foley

I recommend Attorney Foley for immigration matters. He explained the immigration procedure to me so I knew what to expect when we went for our interview. He was very good at returning telephone calls and e-mails. I felt very secure dealing with Immigration because Attorney Foley was helping me.

-H. Patel

Really Knows the Players and The Process

Kerry & Luz Earlywine smiling togetherWe tried to do our adjustment of status on our own but it didn’t go well. We called Attorney Foley after we received a denial notice from USCIS. Attorney Foley called the USCIS Supervisor who signed our denial notice and not only did she agree to review our case but she agreed to reschedule our interview within the next six weeks. I told Attorney Foley I was going to miss a great job opportunity in another state waiting for our interview. He contacted the Supervisor a second time and we had our interview two days later. Attorney Foley told us what to expect at the interview and he went to the interview with us. There was a problem. The government’s computer system said I had left the country. Attorney Foley was able to resolve the problem by handwriting an Affidavit which was acceptable to the Officer. Our case was approved at the interview. Learn from our experience. Don’t try to do your case on your own. It’s complicated and there’s a lot on the line. And if you want someone to be with you through the entire process who really knows the players and the process, I recommend you to call Attorney John Foley.

-Kerry & Luz Earlywine

Thank You for The Excellent Work

Hugo & Alfonsina Carabello sitting and smiling outside large white building in Milton, MassachusettsJohn, Both, Alfonsina and I want to thank you for the excellent work that you did. You showed great professionalism, and most importantly you seemed to care about us. That meant a lot. Thank you for your timely responses to our every question and for guiding us through every step. We could not have asked for a better lawyer. Take great care and we will keep you updated on any changes. Of course, if anyone needs an immigration lawyer we will surely think of you. Sincerely,

-Hugo and Alfonsina Caraballo

Takes Good Care of His Clients

I looked at doing my own immigration paperwork but it was too complicated. Attorney Foley did it for us. He took care of all of the forms and told us what to expect at the interview. It was like he knew the questions in advance. I would strongly recommend Attorney Foley. He knows the system. He knows the people involved. And he takes good care of his clients.

-Ed Sullivan

No Confusion, No Headaches and No Surprises

Niall McManus posing with blue paper in Beverly, MassachusettsIf you need a great immigration lawyer, go to John Foley. He handled my adjustment of status, he helped me remove the conditions on my status and then he helped me become a US citizen. He told me what I needed to do and when I needed it and he handled the rest. No confusion, no headaches and no surprises. Again…..if you need a great immigration lawyer, go to John Foley. (Photo: Niall McManus in front of the John F. Kennedy Federal Building in Boston, Massachusetts with his U.S. citizenship approval notice).

-Niall McManus

Let John Lead You Through the System

John helped me adjust my status after I married a U.S. citizen. He took care of all of the forms and all of the supporting documentation that goes with the forms. To me, it was extremely complex but John had it all organized and our interview with INS only took 30-minutes. Two years later, he made me a permanent resident and then later a US citizen. John took care of the forms, the deadlines and he prepared us for the meeting—even telling my husband how to dress for the appointment. If you don’t know what you’re doing with your immigration case, let John lead you through the system so you get what you need.

-Mary Murphy

John Foley Was with Me Every Step of The Way

Michael Feeney in front of the John F. Kennedy Federal Building in Boston, Massachusetts with his U.S. citizenship approval noticeMy wife and I went to John Foley to get our immigration paperwork done. There was a ton of paper but he handled it all and he answered the telephone whenever we had questions. I went from being an overstay to being a conditional Legal Resident, to having the conditions removed and then to becoming a citizen of the United States. I did all that and became a U.S. citizen in three years and John Foley was with me every step of the way.

-Michael Feeney

His Help Changed My Life for The Better

My husband and I had hired another immigration lawyer before we met Attorney Foley but that lawyer charged us $50 every time we called him. And we almost always spoke with a secretary and not the lawyer. After too much frustration, we fired that lawyer and hired Attorney Foley immediately after we met with him. He always answered our calls and responded to all of our e-mails. The night before my green card interview, I thought I had lost all of my passports. I called Attorney Foley on his emergency number at 1 AM and he answered the call. He reminded me that he had copies of everything and he told me to relax. A sleep-deprived Attorney Foley sat next to me throughout my Adjustment of Status interview the next day when my green card was approved. Attorney Foley was also sitting next to me three years later during my Naturalization interview. When the USCIS officer had questions about my foreign travel and taxes, Attorney Foley had answers. U.S. immigration law is complex and you shouldn’t attempt to do it alone. Attorney John Foley is professional and his help changed my life for the better. I recommend him to anyone going through immigration problems. Thanks to him, I am proud to say I am now a U.S. Citizen!

- Withheld

Grateful for His Professional and Honest Service

Julia & Mihir Shah. smiling for a picture in Boston, MAWe hired Attorney Foley to handle our Adjustment of Status case, and we could not be more pleased with the high level of care and competency he afforded us. Attorney Foley’s experience and expertise ensured our forms were prepared thoroughly and we were ready for our interview. Immigration issues can become a very stressful and lengthy process if handled incorrectly. Attorney Foley met with us before the interview, answered our multiple telephone calls and e-mails, and he described the interview process in detail to ensure our confidence and preparedness. Everything was just as he said it would be. He even came with us to the interview and stayed with us until the petition was stamped ‘approved’! Attorney Foley personally handled our case every step of the way. We are so grateful for his professional and honest service.

-Julia & Mihir Shah

We Strongly Recommend Attorney John Foley

Attorney Foley handled our adjustment of status case. He took care of all the forms, all supporting documentation and prepared us for our interview with U.S. Immigration. Not only did he tell us what they were going to ask us in the interview, he told us what to bring to the interview and even how to dress. It all happened almost exactly like he said it would. Plus, he went to the interview with us and stayed with us until it was over. The Green card arrived in the mail five days after the interview. If you’re going to U.S. Immigration, you should go with someone who has been there before and knows how the place works. We strongly recommend Attorney John Foley.


We Were Fortunate to Have Teamed up With Attorney Foley

Gary & Ana Cirlene Star. smiling in Medford, MAWe had a very complicated case which included an adjustment of status and bringing two children into the US through a foreign consulate. Attorney Foley told us what to expect and he made it happen. In addition to completing the paperwork for us, he answered all of our questions, showed enormous patience and helped us to reunite as a family. We could not have done it on our own. We were fortunate to have teamed up with Attorney Foley. We have referred both family and friends to Attorney Foley and they have all had the same results. He provides professional, caring and efficient immigration legal service and we strongly recommend him.

-Gary & Ana Cirlene Star

Words Can’t Describe Our Appreciation

Kevin & Kathryn Manasayan smiling for photo outsideOur experience with Attorney John Foley has not only been helpful but wonderful. He is much more than just a lawyer, but also a friend. When the both of us started searching for the right lawyer, it can be of course a stressful process, but we got very lucky. We found Attorney John Foley on FindLaw.com, so we decided to give him a call. From the first phone call he explained what to expect, what we needed to do, and about the whole process. We then decided to have him as our lawyer and we are so glad we did. When we met him for the first time he was such a great guy, but also very intelligent and knew exactly what he was talking about. He explained to us the Immigration Rules and Regulations, and made sure we both understood exactly what the process was about. The end result was exactly the way Attorney Foley told us it would be. To sum everything up Attorney John Foley knows exactly what he is doing, and he always keeps you informed about your case, and always has time to talk to you when you need him. All in all, anybody who chooses to have him as a lawyer is in great hands, and with Attorney John Foley you will have a great lawyer who is intelligent and cares about your case, but mostly about the people’s lives he is changing constantly. As for us, he also changed our lives for the better and with his help I (Kevin) was granted the Permanent Residency Status and someday to become a US Citizen. Words can’t describe our appreciation for all the help Attorney Foley gave us.

-Kevin and Kathryn Manasyan

Grateful for The Outstanding Service

I am really grateful for the outstanding service I got from Foley Law Offices. Attorney Foley successfully handled my initial DACA and EAD petitions 2 years ago, giving me the opportunity to work and finish school. When my case was eligible for renewal, he reached out to me and advised me how we should proceed. He was knowledgeable about the new changes implemented by President Obama’s immigration speech and took care to answer every question I had. His team prepared and filed my renewal petitions, making the process very easy for me. Thanks to Attorney Foley, I am able to continue working to put myself through college and fulfill my dream of someday becoming an immigration lawyer.

-Ana Guarnier Paiva