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The Diversity Lottery Closes in 24 Days! Apply Now!!

Oct. 14, 2016

The 2018 Diversity Lottery will close on Monday, November 7th. There are many scams out there who might try to charge you money to help you apply, promise to increase your chance of being picked or send you a message saying you won and ask for money. Remember, there is NO COST to register. You will need to submit an application electronically. (Late entries or paper applications will not be accepted). DO NOT wait until last minute to submit the application as high demand may result in website delays. For more information about the lottery and eligibility requirements, please review our previous posting.

It is important to note that individuals who currently hold a status that requires nonimmigrant intent (i.e. F-1, J-1, B-1/2) should contact an immigration attorney before submitting an application in order to assess any possible consequences to their current nonimmigrant status.

Should you have any questions about the diversity visa process, contact Attorney Nicole Fink.