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Obama Administration Ends Special Parole for Cuban Nationals

Jan. 24, 2017

On Thursday, January 12, 2017, effective immediately, President Obama repealed the “wet foot, dry foot” policy, a special parole policy for Cuban nationals. This announcement ends the ability for any Cuban who comes to the U.S. to stay and become a legal resident based on humanitarian relief. Cuban nationals who now attempt to enter the U.S. and are apprehended at a port of entry or near the border will be subject to expedited removal. Previously, Cubans were not subject to expedited removal. The changes also affect the Cuban medical professionals known as the Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program. Medical professionals must now request parole in the same manner as foreign nationals of other countries.

The end of the policy by the previous administration is consistent with President Obama’s efforts to end hostile relations with Cuba. As of today, the Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program is not affected and remains in effect. Cubans who come to the U.S. may qualify for humanitarian relief such as political asylum.

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