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Homeland Security Budget Passes in Democrats Favor

April 1, 2015

Budget word cloudAlthough there has been much controversy between the Republican and Democratic parties regarding the homeland security budget, the fight ended much more peacefully than it initially began. Speaker of the House John A. Boehner recently passed a bill in the Democrat’s favor, despite just 75 Republican supporters.

The bill will fund the Department of Homeland Security through September and gives Republicans no fuel for their fire against the President’s immigration actions. Despite the decision made by Mr. Boehner, Republicans have said nothing about the impact it could have on his leadership position.

Several Republicans have voiced their opinion on other concerns, however. One Representative of Louisiana expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision while, a Representative of South Carolina, simply said that the final result represents a defeat for the Republican Party.

Time Ran out For the Republican Party

The timing of Mr. Boehner’s decision was not surprising when you consider the circumstances. The Republican’s wanted to pass a three-week funding measure in order to force the Senate to review a bill that had passed in January. This would have worked against the President’s immigration plans. But for Republicans, time simply ran out.

Many people criticized this plan and Republican leaders realized they needed to do something about it. They essentially had to choose between making a wise decision and doing something that might ruin them forever. In light of the political heat, Republicans chose the former.

Some chose to praise the way Mr. Boehner stood up to criticism. Others found that he merely gave in when the pressure became too much. Mr. Boehner’s decision has even caused some Republicans to question whether they can really trust him in the future.

So while the Republican Party may be reeling from such a loss, Democrats are rejoicing about their win. They achieved what they wanted and believe that this decision will carry them in the right direction.