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An Alternative to H-1-B Visas

Aug. 9, 2013

With H-1-B visas exhausted for the year, Foley Law Offices has been fielding calls from individuals from around the world interested in the EB-5 visa. Once known as the Million Dollar Visa, an EB-5 allows an intending immigrant (plus spouse and all children under 21) to invest approximately $550K in a regional center to obtain a Legal Resident/Green card. The investment must generate ten (10) new jobs within two years and it puts the immigrant on a path towards U.S. citizenship.

The immigrant must be able to prove the legal source of the funds and the term of the investment depends on the regional center selected (there are now over 300 to choose from).

Not everyone can afford an EB-5 visa, but for those that can it is the fastest way to legalization in the U.S.

With civil wars and power struggles in a number of countries, Foley Law Offices is gearing up to handle more EB-5 visas as immigrants look for a safe place to raise their families.