TN Visas for Canadians and Mexicans

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allows professionals from Mexico and Canada to obtain non-immigrant visas to work in the United States. Professions covered by the law include accountants, counselors, engineers, librarians, scientists, and a wide range of medical specialists. My law firm, Foley Law Offices, has experience helping professionals from Canada and Mexico obtain the NAFTA (or TN) visa. Searching for an attorney for TN visas in Boston? As a Boston immigration attorney, I understand the documentation that is required. To learn how I can help you apply for this visa, contact my Boston law firm to schedule a consultation.

Benefits of a TN Visa

The TN visa is issued for up to three years but is renewable for an indefinite period. Children under 21 and spouses of TN visa holders can also be admitted to the U.S. You can travel between the U.S. and Mexico or Canada at any time as long as you possess a TN visa.

NAFTA Visa Application Requirements

Applicants for the TN visa must demonstrate that they have the education or licenses for the profession under which they qualify for entry under the TN visa. In addition, you must show that you have a valid job offer from a U.S. employer. The requirements and procedures for Canadians and Mexicans differ. For example, if you are a Canadian citizen, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services does not require you to apply for a TN visa – also known as a Canadian NAFTA permit – at a U.S. Consulate. Instead, it allows you to establish eligibility for non-immigrant TN classification at the time you seek admission to the U.S. by presenting required documentation to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer at a designated port of entry. Consult an experienced immigration lawyer to learn whether other requirements apply to your circumstances.

How an Experienced Immigration Attorney Can Help

Looking for an attorney for a TN visa in Boston? If you hire me to help you with your immigration case, I can gather the documentation, including diplomas, copies of licenses, and anything else that indicates that you meet the NAFTA educational qualifications for the eligible professions. In addition, I can draft the required employer letter outlining the job offer from the U.S. employer and I can assist with the completion and filling of the extension request (I-129) after the expiration of the initial three-year period. My individualized care and more than 20 years of experience allow applicants for the TN visa to be secure in the knowledge that they have filed the application correctly. I have helped countless individuals secure permission to work in the United States, and I am prepared to help you. Contact Foley Law Offices today to set up a consultation and learn more about how I can assist your case.