Pursuing a Green Card on a Student Visa in Boston

Searching for an attorney for student adjustment of status in Boston? Some students who come to the United States under an F-1 visa decide to pursue permanent residency by applying for an I-485 adjustment of status. Adjustment of status describes the process by which a foreign national may obtain a green card and so change their status from non-immigrant to permanent resident. It is provided under the Immigration and Nationality Act. The other method for obtaining legal residency is known as consular processing.

An F-1 visa allows academic students who are foreign nationals to study in the United States at a college, university, high school, language program, seminary, conservatory, or other educational institution of their choice. The student must demonstrate the following:

  • Full-time enrollment
  • Adequate financial support
  • An intention of returning to his or her home country once the educational program is completed

An M-1 visa allows you to study at a vocational school or another non-academic institution. It is very important to have good legal counsel when applying for an adjustment of status on a student visa. You may be a foreign student interested in obtaining permanent residency, and if so, you need to get help from a seasoned Boston immigration attorney who can help you take the appropriate steps toward achieving your goals.

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